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About PACE

Welcome to Immersion Program

PACE International Japan was established in 1991. The purpose of founding this company is to encourage cultural exchange between Japan and other countries.
The program we call the Immersion Program is not just for tourism or sightseeing.
It is to facilitate communication and the exchange of cultural ideas between Japanese people and people from other nations and cultures. Our mutual understanding of each other's cultures will be vital for the citizens of every country in the world to foster peace and happiness in the future.

Currently, we have been organizing these programs below.

* Outbound Study Tours for Japanese High School, College, and University students' groups and various cultural groups.
* Inbound Programs (Study Tours in Japan, Study Abroad in Japan, Volunteer in Japan etc ) for oversea students and adults
* Sending Japanese students to Academic High School Year Programs
* Arranging Short Term High School Programs for Japanese students
* Arranging Short Term High School Programs for Oversea students
* Sending Japanese students to Intensive English Programs
* Coordinating sister school relationship for schools in Japan and other countries
* Coordinating sister city or town relationship for cities and towns in Japan and other countries
* Placing English teacher from abroad to private schools in Japan

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