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Group Study Tour

We arrange many kinds of out bound study tours for schools in Japan and many kinds of other groups. The applicants joined our tours give great feedback all the time. We are very confident with arranging educational study tours for Japanese applicants.
Also we help to arrange sister school relationship for schools in Japan and schools in oversea.
Here are some tours we arranged in past years.

Sasebo Minami High School in U.S.A 
The group of Sasebo Minami High School did 2 weeks homestay study tour in Murrieta, California. They visited Vista Murrieta High School which just became their sister school in this year. The students enjoyed the link program with Vista students and learned American school life. Also they visited Lakeland Village Middle School and Lisa Mails Elementary School and taught Japanese culture to American students. They also enjoyed Disneyland visit, Los Angeles Tour, and first homestay experience.

Fukuoka Dental University in U.S.A 
The intern doctors and professors from Fukuoka Dental University did homestay study tour in Loma Linda, California. They visited School of Dentistry at Loma Linda University and University of California Los Angeles for inspection and training. Also they join in practices at several dental offices in San Bernadino area. Of course they enjoyed Universal Studio, Disneyland and shopping! Also they learned American lifestyle through their homestay.

Nagasaki Junior College Child Care in U.S.A 
The students from Nagasaki Junior College Child Care Course did homestay study tour in Murrieta, California. They visited several pre-schools, kindergartens, and elementary schools to teach Japanese culture. They also visited Child Care Course at Mt. San Jacinto College to study Child Care in America. Also they enjoyed ESL Class, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and tour in San Diego and Los Angeles. The students were very happy with their homestay experiences so they found very hard to leave their host families.

Kyushu Bunka Gakuen Nursing School in U.S.A 
The students from Kyushu Bunka Gakuen Nursing School did homestay study tour in Redlands, California. They visited Redlands Community Hospital and Loma Linda University School of Nursing to inspect American Nursing system. They also visited Pediatric Hospital and Nursing Home to communicate with the patients. They did Origami(Japanese paper craft) together and taught little bit of culture. And they of course enjoyed Disneyland, LA tour, and many shopping. They loved their homestay experience and were telling want to go back there again.

Nagasaki Junior College Catering in U.K & France
The students from Nagasaki Junior College Catering Course did homestay study tour in Chichester, England and Paris, France. They stayed with host families for a week in Chichester and studied catering at Chichester College. They learned English lifestyle and food culture through the tour. They also enjoyed the visits of Bath the world heritage city and Brighton the seaside city. In Paris, they visited Le Cordon Bleu and enjoyed their cookery class and the tour of Paris Marche. They visited many sights and stores in Paris and learned French lifestyle and food culture.

Sasebo Nishi High School in Australia 
The group of Sasebo Nishi High School did 3 weeks homestay study tour in Canberra, Australia. The tour was organized by Wanniassa School and ACT government. They enjoyed ESL Class and study with Buddy Students at Wanniassa School. They visited many Australian sights and learned the history and culture. The students loved their host families and enjoyed every minute of their experiences. The students made lots of friends at Wanniassa School and became very close with their host families. All the students were crying when they left Canberra.

Itoshima Agricultural High School in Canada 
The group of Itoshima Agricultural High School did homestay study tour in White Rocks, Canada. They visited various farms and joined as training and learned agricuture in Canada. Also they inspected in Agricultural course at University of British Colombia and studied what they cannot learn in Japan. They enjoyed ESL Class and their first homestay with Canadian families. They experienced Canadian lifestyle and culture through the tour.

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